Monday, July 24, 2006

Cat getting ready for a hot ride home to Southern California. She can expect 115 degrees before the day in over!
Jim Sieglaar packing up. He's going to spend a couple of days in Reno waiting for his new tire to come in. What a shame!
Dave and Biker Dad. Bikes and trailers in the background! What is VROC coming to!
Sunday morning, and the fat lady is getting ready to sing over HSVROC 06. Caddman, Sue, Lisa, Cashcow, Slots, Barb and Jack.
Gypsy Cat, the winner of the HSVROC 50/50 drawing! It was 107 degrees out when this picture was taken. Note the Camel pack with the drinking hose.
Mount Shasta, the mountain and the City. Had a nice late lunch in the original Black Bear Diner.
You've all seen my favorite store before, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful morning. Just had to take another picture here. They don't open until 9, it was just a few more minutes away.
9 year old lady dog, has lived in the gas station and country store in Sunny Valley all her life. A mixture of several breeds. She looks like she doesn't miss many meals.
This was a corn field last year, they may plant something in it again soon. This is a track where they race riding lawn mowers, quite a weekly event in these parts.
I stopped in Dillard to stock up with fresh garden vegetables and fruit from this local farmer outlet.
Hwy 42. Right around this curve, there is a similar one turning left. This is where I had the accident. I tried to get a pic of the exact place, but wasn't able to, since I'm not positive where it was. I think within a couple hundred yards of this spot though. I'd been in sharp curves for several miles with no problems until I hit oil on the road, wet from the fresh rain.
Last Picture for the blog! I just put these on today, they fit nice and are perfect for the little 900. SCP risers!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

GC took this on the way to HSVROC. Mount Shasta, the "Mystical Mountain" If you can find the spigot on the side of the mountain, you and open it up and get Shasta Soda!
Scorpion~. He's playing with a spider he found by the pool at the Topaz Lodge. I think you can tell he lives in the Pacific North West! (nice tan, Steve)
Jim Sieglaar. He wore out a tire on the way down from Canada,...had to order on from a shop in Reno..gave him an excuse to had out there until Tuesday! I tooks like it's breaking his heart!
Meeting and Greeting! Sue, Nite Lite, Tod, and I THINK this is phartz. If not, some one will correct me
Sue and Todd. Getting ready to get in line for one of the Saturday rides. I think they went on the one around Lake Tahoe.
One of the 3 ride that left Saturday Morning. All turned out perfect. the weather couldn't have been better, and they were all good rides in their own way. Friday, a bunch of us went to Virginia City, that's always a favorite with me.
Bill Snodgrass (Cranky), you may have to click on this one to read the sign.. I think this old building belongs to a motorcycle club..
Can't remember the name of this little town, but it had a lot of interesting places. We had just crossed Monitor Pass and were on the way to Genoa. (not Italy)
What VROC'er do best. Brian and Laura Sublow, Sandy and Skid, and Nite lite. Eating Ice Cream!
Cash Cow, He found some pop he liked! Nice little sandwich shop on the way to Genoa.
Nevada's Oldest Thirst Parlor! Very interesting inside!
They had a "cruise in" show here in Genoa today. Lots of old muscle cars and other nice restored ones. This 49 Plymouth was for sale for $4900, not really to bad a price. Included the burger basket I think.
This is a statue of the man that crossed the mountains twice a month carrying the mail, every month for 20 years! He used long homemade skis and a single limb for balance. This was a nice little park in Genoa. When we were leaving, there were two large Mule Deer in the road. Right next to them, was a yellow sign that said "Deer Crossing" I tried to get out the camera, but they were gone before I could get a picture.
Inside to Genoa Bar..the oldest in the State of Nevada. Lots of interesting things on the walls.
We had a nice time in this town! I see Quik Silver and little Kawani in the background!
Skid, across the street from the Oldest Bar in Nevada..We had good sandwiches here for lunch. Skid seemed to like the Ladies Room for some reason, and not sure why he spilled something all over him He was pretending to be handicapped so he cold use the wrong room...............
Headed for Monitor Pass in the High Sierras, a Saturday morning ride. I just had to take a shot of the clouds on the headlight.. Such a beautiful day!
A VROC dinner at the Topaz Lodge. I think Friday night. Food is good and reasonable too. They had a nice buffet, but it was just tooo much food for us light weights.
Cat, Scorpion, and Rubbergator. Hi'll be alright soon....
Slots (Paul Manske) holding down a chair in front of the Topaz Lake Store.
Sandy, Skid, Gypsy Cat, Debbie and Grumpa, in the Casino coffee shop.
Don (VSP) Jack and Barb 4E. This must be breakfast time, since they all look so fresh and ready for the day!
Sue and Todd, having Saturday night dinner in the Topaz Casino. Nice view of the lake out the window!
Saturday night, all loaded up and ready to head home in the morning. The riding was good! I filled up today, had gone 187 miles while here, and got 58.7 miles per gallon! Not too bad.
Sid and Skandy, Mike, also from Canada, Jim Beau, Slots and Caddman make up this table. Waiting for the raffle.
Social hour before the raffle. It was nice of them to invite Sam Adams to the rally!
What a crew! We had quite a few people here this year for the first time. The big guy is "Weenie Boy" uh...ok, if you say so...
Just a few last minute purchases of tickets for the raffle. Top Dawg, sitting at the table, was last years big winner, so he's already bought his share for this year!
Laura and Howard Sublow are preparing the raffle prizes. Over $2000 in value this year! Right after this, Don VSP gave his announcements. The proceeds of all the ticket sales are divided between one winner of the 50/50 and the Breast Cancer Organization. They collected $1040 in sales and cash donations! Not bad for a small VROC crowd. Don also dedicated this years rally to Art Leonard s (Papa Cats, vroc 6) who left us recently. RIP, Art.
Sue says, "Barb, you have no class using a paper cup", and Barb says, well maybe not, but it holds more!
Nite Lite, Linda and Brian. They are moving out all the goodies!
Sherm wins a nice pair of Kawasaki Gloves and a full version of MS Windows Pro! Jest donated the software. I'll install it on the laptop when I get home! Thanks Jest, and Nite Lite and family for all the work.
Rubbergator won a nice shirt. Just her size!
Gypsy Cat (Dianna) won the 50/50 raffle! $520! The other half went to support Breast Cancer Organization. Linda Sublow is presenting her with the bucks! GC is a little overwhelmed! Brian Sublow did a fine job of helping with the raffle.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Reno, NV! Right in front of Fitzgearld's Casio, the last one that our good VROC member Paul Manske (Slots) was a partner in. I made a quick decision to spend the night here instead of heading all the way on down to the rally site. Great rooms at a reasonable price and secure parking for the truck and trailer. The following pictures aren't exactly in order, but sort of close. There will be more posted tomorrow if I can get in the 22 miles from the rally to an internet cafe. For the newbies, you can click on any picture to enlarge it, and use the back arrow to get back to the blog.
Inside the Cofffee House in Carson City, NV. It's changed a lot from last year, but the coffee is still good and the WiFi is fast!
Last year this place was filled with young kids with bright colored hair and lot of thinks sticking into their bodies..This year is had a much older crowd. it's expanded, but still have good WiFi.
In Carson City, NV, near the State Capitol. Stopped here to check mail in an internet cafe.